The Amethyst mappable ignition system connects discreetly to any distributor retaining 'The Classic' look, whilst giving full user control over advance characteristics for vacuum, boost and TPS (throttle position sensors). AMETHYST is intended for the use on points based cars or APPROVED electronic ignition systems (see instructions for listings of approved units) we can't be responsible for its operation outside these recommendations. Please contact Aldon Automotive ltd if you are unsure as we will not accept returns if ordered incorrectly or used. Returns/Warranty only accepted if unit is faulty after testing...

Aldon Amethyst

  • Aldon Amethyst Mappable Ignition - TPS

    Code: AM04T
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    Price: £230.00
    Aldon Amethyst Mappable Ignition for TPS applications. If you wish to use a TPS unit you may need a 3 pin plug connector. Please see Part number ENGAMP3. This connector is not included within the Amethyst unit. See for full technical specification.
  • Plug Connector - 3 Pin

    Code: ENGAMP3
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    Price: £5.50
    For use with TPS unit

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