Aldon have over 40 years experience of tuning Weber carburettors and are one of the biggest distributors of Weber carburettors and Weber spares in the UK. Most items are available from stock for immediate despatch. Together with Mangoletsi inlet manifolds, Malpassi fuel regulators and Facet fuel pumps, Aldon can supply a package to suit your fuelling requirements.


  • Weber Carburettors, Tuning and Service Items
    Weber replacement parts and accessories for installing and tuning Weber performance carburettors

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  • Weber Classic Car Carburettor Kits
    Weber are delighted to announce the introduction of a range of High Performance Weber conversion kits for Classic Cars. Each kit is supplied with a Top Quality Intake Manifold, Linkage, Weber Carburettors, mounting components and Weber's own highly acclaimed Tuning Manual to assist in determining precise calibration

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  • Mangoletsi Polished Inlet Manifolds
    Inlet manifolds used to mount DCOE carburettors to various engines. Weber DCOE type manifolds are also suitable for Dellorto DHLA carburettors. All manifolds are supplied with comprehensive fitting kits - 'O' ring plates, 'O' rings, studs, double coil washers & Nylock nuts.

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  • Mangoletsi Throttle Linkage Kits
    All aftermarket throttle linkages have to fit a wide range of different applications and makes, all with different throttle cable travel and spring tension requirements. Unless the linkage system has a very wide range of adjustment for the throttle cable travel, for some applications it can be difficult to fully open or close the throttle. The Mangoletsi linkage has 22 – 48mm of adjustment. Adjusting the linkage for the correct cable travel will then alter the tension of the pull-off springs. Therefore it will be necessary to adjust the spring tension to positively return the engine to idle or give a good “feel” to the throttle pedal. Many aftermarket linkages have little or no adjustment. With the new Mangoletsi sliding set-up linkage it is absolute simplicity to set both the cable travel and the spring tension, thus ensuring sufficient tension to guarantee complete closure of the throttle plates.

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  • Fuel Pumps and Fuel Filter Components
    A selection of the most popular Facet Fuel Pumps as well as Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulators.

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  • SU Classic Carburettor Service Kits
    A range of service kits are available to help maintain your SU carburettor. These include gaskets, seals, main jet, and needle valve these kits are spec specific please refer to the vehicle listings to find the correct kit for your application

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  • SU Electric Fuel Pumps
    A range of SU Electric Fuel Pumps These Electric Pumps are spec specific please refer to the vehicle listings to find the correct Pump for your application

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    The Jenvey Heritage DCOE throttle body comes in TDS40 , TDS45 , TDS48 mm bore options.

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