All aftermarket throttle linkages have to fit a wide range of different applications and makes, all with different throttle cable travel and spring tension requirements. Unless the linkage system has a very wide range of adjustment for the throttle cable travel, for some applications it can be difficult to fully open or close the throttle. The Mangoletsi linkage has 22 – 48mm of adjustment. Adjusting the linkage for the correct cable travel will then alter the tension of the pull-off springs. Therefore it will be necessary to adjust the spring tension to positively return the engine to idle or give a good “feel” to the throttle pedal. Many aftermarket linkages have little or no adjustment. With the new Mangoletsi sliding set-up linkage it is absolute simplicity to set both the cable travel and the spring tension, thus ensuring sufficient tension to guarantee complete closure of the throttle plates.

Mangoletsi Throttle Linkage Kits

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