Aldon have been sucessfully modifying distributors for many years. Distributors can be supplied brand new with a modified advance curve to suit engine specification. Another option is for customers to send their own unit to Aldon for them to modify the advance curve in that. To complement these distributors, Aldon also supplies the 'Aldon Ignitor' unit for both negative and positive earth applications, along with the 'Flame Thrower' Ignition Coil and Magnecor Ignition Leads. PLEASE NOTE ALL DISTRIBUTORS ARE MADE TO ORDER PLEASE ALLOW 10-14 DAYS FOR YOUR DELIVERY....


  • Distributors
    Aldon have been successfully modifying distributors for many years. All distributors supplied are based on new Lucas or Bosch units. The modified specifications have been continually developed using dyno facilities. Aldon Performance Distributors are available from stock for ‘A’ and ‘B’ series, Ford X/Flow and Pinto, Twin Cam engines and also tuned Triumph 1300/1500. All Aldon performance distributors are available with the Aldon ‘Ignitor’ electronic ignition unit.

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  • Ignitor I
    Proven successfully over many years the ‘Ignitor’ is the ideal choice for the race enthusiast, general road user or collector restoration. It fits entirely under the distributor cap for a neat, clean look and costs up to 40 % less than other makes. The ‘Ignitor’ is unaffected by dust, dirt, oil or moisture. It improves fuel mileage, extends spark plug life and helps to eliminate minor tune ups.

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  • Ignitor II
    This new more powerful 'Ignitor II' shares all the same features as the original Ignitor, but takes the electronic ignition module one stage further, by adding a powerful microcontroller, which controls the dwell period, for the best possible spark over the entire rev range. It is highly recommended that the new Flame Thrower II super low resistant coil is used in conjuction with the Ignitor II

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  • Coils
    While the Flame Thrower Coil is the perfect coil to be fitted with the Aldon Ignitor unit, we can supply other performance coils such as Bosch Blue or Lucas Sports.

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  • Ignition Leads
    High quality performance lead sets from leading manufacturers.

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