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Aldon Automotive is based 10 miles west of Birmingham in the West Midlands and is one of the longest established tuning companies in the UK. Aldon has a fully equipped specialist Rolling Road for the tuning and fault diagnosis of competition and fast road cars, as wll as a service bay complete with ramps, an engine machine shop and an engine dyno test cell.

With a specialist, fully equipped 280 bhp 2 wheel drive Rolling Road, Aldon can cater for the tuning and setting up of most competition cars, as well as classic or vintage cars, whether they are running on standard injection/ carburettors, performance carburettors or aftermarket fully programmable fuel injection systems.

Aldon has over 40 years experience in the re-jetting/ recalibration of Weber, S.U. and Dellorto carburettors and the modification and re-curving of Lucas and Bosch distributors causes no problem.